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Specific Nucleic Acids (SNA) 
 Dr Bernard Marichal creates homeopathic SNA  
 Success of the RNA and DNA based formulas was so good that in early 1990, an independent post treatment study was carried out on practitioners case studies. One of the assessors noticed that `improved' cases fell into two distinct groups, those with improvement and those with substantial improvement. Further investigation revealed the better group came from Dr Bernard Marichal. Dr Marichal had developed and started using potentized specific nucleic acids (SNA) as part of the therapy. From this point forwards SNA became an integral part of the unique system of MicroImmunotherapy.    What is an SNA?
Nucleic acids are made up of 4 nucleotide bases connected together in a chain. A specific nucleic acid is a short length of these nucleotide bases for which the order of the bases has been specifically chosen.
 SNA and Homeopathy
  DNA (occasionally RNA) carries the genetic code for all living organisms from the tiniest virus to the complex nature of human beings. Therefore it should be possible to determine the zones of the genome, of either self and/or non self in human beings as well as areas in the genetic code of a pathogen which can potentially be the cause of upsetting cell physiology. These zones are the target for the therapy both as a preventative and curative measure. The codes of the SNA are chosen specifically with this in mind, acting at the `root' of the problem.  
 More detailed explanation of homeopathic SNA can be found in the book
Traite theorique et pratique d'immunotherapie d doses infinitesimales, by Maurice Jenaer, Bernard Marichal, Michel Van Wassenhoven, Paul Vandenbroucke and Laurent Hervieux. Published by Roger Jollois  
 Case Study:  
 Recurring sinusitis in a high powered media executive: By Dr J.M.B (France)  
 Recurring sinusitis in a high powered media executive: By Dr J.M.B (France) A 38 yr old media executive came to consultation with a 6 yr history of episodes of frontal sinusitis, outbreaks of high fever and recurring bronchitis with chronic discharge down the back of the throat and bouts of mouth ulcers three times a yr. He had been desensitised to acaria without results. His state of complete physical exhaustion could also have been related to a previous ME. Multiple and diverse antibiotic treatments (2nd & 3rd cephalosporins, aerosols, corticotherapy and mucolytics for  8 - 10 days twice monthly did not lead to improvement. Treatment with 2LEID as follows produced excellent results: one capsule per day for 2 months then 1 capsule per day for 10 days during 4 months with a two month break in treatment followed by a further 4 months.

No recurrence since start of treatment No relapse during the 2 month break in treatment
A bout of coughing started after 2 months but stopped within 24 hours.
No antibiotics since treatment started Professional activity has been sustained at l0hrs / day without asthenia.
New Homeopathy enables 5 yr old to escape tonsillectomy By Dr J.M (Belgium)  
 A 5 yr old was born suffering from a chronic purulent discharge from the ears and suffered treatments such as 3 lots of drainage, 2 curettage of adenoids, cleaning of sinuses by the time he was three and in the 6 weeks previous to consultation had been through 5 bottles of antibiotics. A combination of oligo-elements (MN, Cu Vit C) and a multi-vitamin and mineral preparation plus Echinacea was prescribed along with stopping cow's milk. The child remained off antibiotics for a year. He then had three ear infections with fever without apparent cause and the fatigue persisted. An ENT specialist advised a tonsillectomy. I started the child on 2LEID immediately, one capsule per day for 2 months. The child is much livelier and bursting with energy according to his father with no clinical problems. The next time I saw the child he had suffered from one further recurrence of ear infection with a discharge of viscous liquid that showed no bacterial infection. After ten days the hearing was normal, ear dry and the tonsillectomy has been cancelled.  
  Editorial Note
By Christine Perry
 Autumn & Winter are difficult times for young and old alike. Practitioners often find themselves inundated with patients who cannot `seem to shift' lingering coughs and colds. The case studies in this issue have been provided by our European colleagues who have many years experience of using New Homeopathy along with other treatments both conventional and alternative. And in some cases, even  conventional medical practitioners have been convinced of the worth of New Homeopathy! We are continually compiling and updating our case study lists and if you have any interesting stories or case studies relating to New Homeopathy please do get in touch - any information shared is enormously beneficial to both practitioners and patients.
  Patient Report
Reported February 2003, Leicestershire
 Two children aged 6 and 7 suffered from repeated ENT infections over a period of three years. The classic `back to school' scenario - but in their case not back for long as they continually came home with yet another virus.The problems had a that she domino affect:child 1 missing a week of school closely followed by child 2 and eventually the mother going down. The children's education began to suffer as did the mother's career.The children's treatment involved everything from heavy antibiotic approach `do nothing, they'll get over it attitude'.  The mother tried food supplements, &herbal remedies and all three showed a slight improvement.Then an old school friend who was living in Paris told them of a homeopathic remedy 2LEID - a general immune booster - had used for her own children.The family were all given a four month `protective'one capsule per day treatment from November through to . February each year and have not missed the a day's school since. The children are to the now 9 and 10 yrs old and the mother's career is also back on track.
 Case Studies
If you have any interesting case studies that you think would be of interest to Micro-Immunotherapy practitioners, please contact us at IDI.    

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